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Unwanted hair is a dilemma for all, especially for women.

How many of you have cursed the first day you waxed? And hate the itchy feeling you get after passing a razor over your skin?

Not to mention the most varied positions it takes to try to remove the hair all over the body!

With traditional methods – the results of hair removal are often imperfect but, above all, short lasting. Regularly repeating the same process over and over again….what a drag.

Hair growth between waxing and cream removal sessions invariably affects daily life, often creating uncomfortable situations.

Have you ever decided to hit the beach – and realised your bikini line is overdue waxing? Invited to hit the tiles for a night of dancing with your girlfriends – but realise your legs are not ready for the newest member of your wardrobe (a cute little skirt) ??

Dynamic Beauty aims to meet this fundamental goal: to permanently solve the problem of unwanted hair. For the first time, the IPL becomes a service for everyone with an affordable price and outstanding quality.

To date, IPL is the most effective permanent hair removal system in the world; but do you know what the advantages of entrusting this revolutionary treatment at Dynamic Beauty are?

  • The treatment is painless and is carried out with advanced machinery equipped with a refrigeration system below zero, which minimizes the sensation of heat. Torture of traditional hair removal methods will be a distant memory.
  • IPL Hair removal is a technique delicate and unobtrusive that does not irritate the skin and even helps solve problems such as folliculitis and ingrown hairs, which are often a problem for those who use razors, creams and waxing.
  • The treatment is extremely safe. In No + Vello centres treatments are carried out by following very strict action protocols and under the constant consultation of qualified therapists. Also, the staff are highly specialised and all operators are trained to NVQ Level 4 in Light and Laser therapies.
  • The equipment used for the treatment with pulsed light is calibrated according to each individual client, based on the skin and the type of hair to be treated, after having carried out a patch test on the area to be treated. For this, each customer will have a service completely personalised.
  • Dynamic Beauty uses a unique solution of the flat rate of only £49 per area, in order to give everyone the opportunity to undergo advanced aesthetic treatments at a super price affordable.

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